Movies, Miles…and more?

To start off, I decided to go on a test run in order to determine if my IT band/knee was still injured. I ran a one mile test run at my normal pace on a flat track and everything felt fine. I’m excited! Now I am going to slowly increase my mileage until I am up to approximately 7-9 miles by the new year. I want to start marathon training in January so I need to make sure I have my mileage up. I post this information because it all ties into my fitness for Kilimanjaro.

Speaking of fitness, I took a Body Flow class this weekend. Holy Cow. I am out of shape. My triceps are KILLING me. Granted, yoga and pilates can be great workouts but all this running with no weight training has taken a toll. I will NOT make that mistake again. I will make sure I make time to cross train.

On Youtube I watched “Kilimanjaro -Rooftop of Africa” which was an IMAX movie. I’ve seen part of it and honestly, it may be part of what put the idea of Kilimanjaro in my head long ago…not sure. Honestly, the movie was short in content and a little too Disney for my taste but it was still great to see the scenery and get a dose of what I can expect. I will say watching them climb some parts made me nervous. Did they climb the Western Breach? I dunno.

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