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MRI Results


Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker’s Man…I’ve got a cyst that’s ruining my plan

Got my MRI results yesterday and they were exactly what I dreaded: slightly inconclusive. They did confirm I have a gigantic Baker’s Cyst but the doctor said the radiologist didn’t see evidence of a tear or damage to the cartilage. He said that makes no sense because generally, a cyst is because of damage to the cartilage. He suggested there is something there that they didn’t see on the MRI. 

He then gave me some options which included getting a cortisone shot and seeing if that makes me feel better. If it doesn’t, I can come back and get it “scoped”. My second option is to forget the shot and just opt for scoping. My third option was to tell him to shove it. I elected option # 2. I don’t see the point if getting a shot to mask pain and reduce inflammation if there is an underlying cause not being addressed. I told him I don’t want to play around and prefer to go the “scope” option. I return on February 13 to talk to the surgeon. Not sure when the scope will happen. 

I asked about Kilimanjaro and he said I had plenty of time to recover and to not sweat it. Sounds good but I’m still nervous. Just hope, pray, and wait, I suppose. 

In gear news, my mittens arrived! I ordered a pair of Dakine Camino Mittens. I ordered them in large because I want enough room for my liners and some hand warmers. They look huge and ridiculous but I suppose on the mountain it’s function before fashion. They received pretty good reviews but I will give a full report when I return. 


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From Impala to Tulip

After reading reviews of the hotel I was schedule to stay in while in Arusha, I had second thoughts. My tour operator had arranged for me to stay in the Impala Hotel. Reviews on TripAdvisor were lackluster. It seems it’s basically an Econo Lodge. Now, I’m not a diva but after roughing it for 8 days on the tallest mountain in Africa, I’m going to want a clean room, a good bed, and hot shower. I was told that the shower at Impala was akin to being licked by puppies. 

After much careful research I finally settled on the African Tulip. It’s a boutique hotel in Arusha and it has received stellar reviews (and hopefully not all are from the owner’s friends and family – haha). I booked it tonight and will receive a credit for not stay at the Impala. Despite the increase in price and dent to my budget, I feel so much better knowing that I will be staying in comfort and that regardless of how Kilimanjaro turns out, I will be returning to Arusha to find a small amount of luxury waiting for me. 

P.S. Got my MRI done yesterday. I go Thursday for the results. 


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Thank you Kilimanjaro

Thank goodness for Kilimanjaro dreams because without the hope and excitement of my trek in ImageJune, I’d have little to live for right now! Ha! Okay, definitely melodramatic but honestly, not being able to run right now is soul crushing. Two months ago I had marathon hopes and now I’m relegated to an elliptical machine *sigh*. I had a personal life promise to NEVER step foot on an elliptical machine out of sheer principle (there are no elliptical events in the Olympics, although hurling is one so I suppose anything is possible). Dreams dashed, promises broken all thanks to this knee biz.

Luckily I find out what’s wrong this week (MRI on Monday, results on Thursday). As I said in my last post, I pray it’s nothing too serious but I hope they find SOMETHING instead of breaking my heart with the “I” word…Inconclusive! A friend had that happen and it left him with no answers and thus, no solution. 😦

But that won’t happen to me right? I’m going to find out that whatever is wrong is easily fixed and that I will be running soon and that my climb up Kili will NOT be an issue! Positive thoughts!

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I need an MRI

For those who’ve been keeping up, I’ve been having trouble with my knee. Finally went to an ortho who wants to send me for an MRI. He said he suspects a torn meniscus. Yikes! He said recovery wouldn’t be so awful and that I’d recover in time for Kilimanjaro…but holy cow, I am nervous about it! 

I’m very happy that he wants to get an MRI because frankly, I don’t think I’d be satisfied or feel confident about what the situation is without one; however, I am very scared about the thought of having surgery if they discover something bad. Conversely, I am also scared about them finding nothing. Part of me would rather they find something that needs surgery than for them to come back and say, “We don’t know!”. Does that make sense?

Meanwhile, the doc said I can exercise as normal with the exception of running. That has been disappointing but for now, my focus is Kili, so I am willing to put running aside. So with that in mind, I’ve been back at the gym. I’ve been doing Body Pump and Spin. This week I will continue to do those but also elliptical. Today I went for a hike with my friends Ben and Ross. The hike was an easy 2 miler along a rolling trail. No real elevation gain. My knee definitely felt “achey”. 

I will write more when I find out the results of my MRI. 

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