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Physical Therapy and Protein

I had my first visit with the physical therapist. His name is Remco and comes highly recommended. The paperworked asked, ” What do you hope to achieve from physical therapy?”. I wrote, “Climb Kilimanjaro in June and run a marathon this fall”. After reviewing the paperwork he asked, “Are you joking about Kilimanjaro?”. Maybe I just dream big or perhaps I’ve just been wanting it so badly for so long that I’ve forgotten how extradordinary it is to fly to Africa and climb it’s tallest mountain but I find it kind of strange that people seem so shocked by my goal. It seems perfectly reasonable to me. I digress…

Remco analyzed my leg from every imaginable angle and had me do a billion and one things which seemed silly but I suppose it gave him valuable data about my knee. His conclusion: It’s my IT band. *smh* Scroll back to December and see what I thought it was. I said IT band. I won’t bore you with the details but he seems to think that my knee isn’t tracking the way it should which puts strain on the IT band and is causing issues. I have to see him 2x a week and do some home exercises. 


Eating this = no eating disorder according to people I know but if you try to lose weight, watch out! You’re Karen Carpenter

In other news, I’ve been limiting carbs. I am a carb junkie. Seriously, I am the Nancy (ie. Sid and Nancy) of carbs. It’s terrible! I’ve been trying to up my protein and I’ve lost 4 pounds since Valentine’s Day. Yah!  I also bought some whey protein and I’m taking that now. I have difficulty meeting my protein goal so hopefully this will help. I like the way it tastes so it shouldn’t be a problem! Speaking of weight, the other day someone asked me if I have an eating disorder. I think it’s strange that in the United States where everyone and their mother is borderline obese or just obese, people get hysterical if you’re body conscious and want to stay thin. Really, think about this: If I say I need to lose 10 pounds, people get worked up and demand to know what is wrong with me and question my mental well being yet, no one EVER does that when I’m jamming Krispy Kreme’s and Dr. Pepper down my throat. NO ONE has EVER stopped me and said, “Rhonda, I’m really concerned by the vast quantities of “Chicken in a Biscuit” you’re eating every day and I think you might have an eating disorder.” Yet, if I say, “Hey, I notice I’m looking less lean and little more pudgy and I want to convert fat into muscle and drop a few lbs”, I suddenly have body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and probably some sort of self esteem issues. Ridiculous! No, the reality is this people: The key to not being fat is to constantly keep your weight and health in check by exercising, eating well,and NOT allowing yourself to reach obesity before you do something about it. I hate to sound harsh but truly, I’m sick of people questioning me. Is our society really that lopsided that it sees “skinny” as a problem but gives obesity (and it’s little sister Chunky) a pass….or are these people just haters? I dunno…..

Annnnnnnywaaaaaaaay, I’m almost at the three month mark. I have most of my gear. The only think I really need at this point is: bag liner, another pair of pants(convertible), a duffel bag, and some Nuun. Hakuna Matata, no worries. 

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Surgeon says!


Popliteal Injury…these things hurt!

I finally had my epic appointment with the surgeon to find out, with finality, what the problem is with my knee. I’ve been waiting for three weeks. I was convinced, based on my last appointment, that I’d need arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus. So without further ado the results are….*drumroll please*………….no surgery. Dr. Hagy said he doesn’t see any evidence of a torn meniscus or torn anything else for that matter. What he does see is a large Baker Cyst which he described as complex and honey comb like. That means it will make it difficult to aspirate but he said if it continues to plague me, he could try. He seems to think that I have a popliteal injury, which is actually what I thought I had back in December. Amazing! I should have gone to medical school. Anyway, he gave me a prescription for Mobic, an anti-inflammatory, gave me an injection in my knee and wants me to go to physical therapy with Remco, who I’ve heard a lot about. In fact, he is the guy Dr. Bolin wanted me to see.


Patty cake, patty cake, Bakers cyst!

I have mixed emotions about the diagnosis. On one hand, I am relieved that I don’t have anything seriously torn or wrong with my knee. But I do admit that I felt surgery might be a quick fix to what is bothering me. Now it seems it isn’t that simple. I’m so impatient so that doesn’t sit well with me. But what choice do I have? I am just going to do everything I need to do to be ready for Kilimanjaro. The doctor told me to avoid running (ugh) because I should focus solely on Kili. I get his point but the thought of not running until July makes me sick! Also, I signed up for the Broad Street Run. I doubt I will be ready to do it (10 miles and right now I’ve not trained since December) but I will hold onto hope for now.

In other news, I’m fat. I am now up to 124. I have GOT to lose weight! My goal is to be between 110-113 by the time I leave for Kili. I want minimum weight, minimum fat, and frankly, I just want to look hot. I weighed 111 a year ago. I just need to lay off the sugar, the sodas, and the chocolate. I gave up chocolate for Lent so that should help. It’s the soda that is the devil for me. Aye ya ya!

So my Kili training goals are as follows:

1. Improve my diet

2. Cross train, cross train, cross train

3. Hike more. It’s been hard with the weather (rain, snow, cold). I suppose the weather has been perfect Kili weather but let’s face it, I’d rather wait until it’s in the 40’s or 50’s.

I guess that’s it for now. I had more to write but I’m just too tired. Oh yeah…I’m debating the need for a watch with an altimeter. I won’t NEED it but I think it might be nice to have one so that I am not constantly begging the guides to tell me. I spied a cheap on at REI for $60 and it also gives barometric pressure and temps (that would be GREAT to know, especially around Barafu and Kanga Camps).

P.S. I am trying to figure out how to get my blogs to auto post to social networking sites. Not sure it’s working.

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Winter Blues


Make these blues go away

I haven’t been that happy this week. I’m sick of Winter. It snowed again today and frankly, I just don’t enjoy it. I’m eager for Spring to arrive. But it’s more than just the weather that’s getting me down. 

I’m so worried about my knee. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, my stupid knee is far from the worst thing that could happen to me. I realize that there are lots of people in the world suffering from far more than a Baker’s cyst and a possible torn meniscus….but I’m selfish and can’t stop thinking about what it means for me. What it means is that right now I cannot run and I love to run. It also means that I cannot work out very easily because anything involving my legs causes pain. Finally, I worry what this means for Kilimanjaro. I meet with the surgeon on Wednesday to find out if I need surgery or not. Bizarre as it sounds, I hope I do because I feel like surgery is the only thing that is going to fix this. However, with surgery comes the possibility that I won’t heal in time for Kilimanjaro. Right now I am stressed with the thought that the surgery (if there is one) might not be scheduled right away. 

Perhaps these all seem like silly things to stress over but when something such as working out, hiking, and running bring one such much joy, it’s hard not to feel lost when it’s missing from one’s life. 

In the meantime, I need to get my diet under control. I plan to lose 10 pounds by Kilimanjaro. Right now I’m hovering around 120.8. I’d be happy if I could just get sub 115. My downfall is sugar and carbs and it’s so hard to kick them because I have such a response to them when I eat them. They make me happy, particularly soda. 

On another note, I finished reading The White Masai. Horrible book! I wanted to slap that woman. I can’t bear to describe the book but if you’re interested, read the reviews on Amazon (read the ones rated 1 or 2 as they will give you the most accurate description). 

Ok. It’s 1PM. I am going to get out of my pajamas and do something with today. The snow gave me the day off so I need to seize the day! 


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