Surgeon says!


Popliteal Injury…these things hurt!

I finally had my epic appointment with the surgeon to find out, with finality, what the problem is with my knee. I’ve been waiting for three weeks. I was convinced, based on my last appointment, that I’d need arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus. So without further ado the results are….*drumroll please*………….no surgery. Dr. Hagy said he doesn’t see any evidence of a torn meniscus or torn anything else for that matter. What he does see is a large Baker Cyst which he described as complex and honey comb like. That means it will make it difficult to aspirate but he said if it continues to plague me, he could try. He seems to think that I have a popliteal injury, which is actually what I thought I had back in December. Amazing! I should have gone to medical school. Anyway, he gave me a prescription for Mobic, an anti-inflammatory, gave me an injection in my knee and wants me to go to physical therapy with Remco, who I’ve heard a lot about. In fact, he is the guy Dr. Bolin wanted me to see.


Patty cake, patty cake, Bakers cyst!

I have mixed emotions about the diagnosis. On one hand, I am relieved that I don’t have anything seriously torn or wrong with my knee. But I do admit that I felt surgery might be a quick fix to what is bothering me. Now it seems it isn’t that simple. I’m so impatient so that doesn’t sit well with me. But what choice do I have? I am just going to do everything I need to do to be ready for Kilimanjaro. The doctor told me to avoid running (ugh) because I should focus solely on Kili. I get his point but the thought of not running until July makes me sick! Also, I signed up for the Broad Street Run. I doubt I will be ready to do it (10 miles and right now I’ve not trained since December) but I will hold onto hope for now.

In other news, I’m fat. I am now up to 124. I have GOT to lose weight! My goal is to be between 110-113 by the time I leave for Kili. I want minimum weight, minimum fat, and frankly, I just want to look hot. I weighed 111 a year ago. I just need to lay off the sugar, the sodas, and the chocolate. I gave up chocolate for Lent so that should help. It’s the soda that is the devil for me. Aye ya ya!

So my Kili training goals are as follows:

1. Improve my diet

2. Cross train, cross train, cross train

3. Hike more. It’s been hard with the weather (rain, snow, cold). I suppose the weather has been perfect Kili weather but let’s face it, I’d rather wait until it’s in the 40’s or 50’s.

I guess that’s it for now. I had more to write but I’m just too tired. Oh yeah…I’m debating the need for a watch with an altimeter. I won’t NEED it but I think it might be nice to have one so that I am not constantly begging the guides to tell me. I spied a cheap on at REI for $60 and it also gives barometric pressure and temps (that would be GREAT to know, especially around Barafu and Kanga Camps).

P.S. I am trying to figure out how to get my blogs to auto post to social networking sites. Not sure it’s working.

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One thought on “Surgeon says!

  1. No surgery! Even it’s maybe not what you were hoping for in terms of a quick fix, hopefully that gives you something to work with. Good luck!

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