Odds and Ends and a little of This and That

Visited my PT today. He said I could start running next week. I’m tempted to go out this weekend and do some light, easy running but I’ve waited this long so why risk it? I want to follow his orders because I think if I do, I won’t second guess my choices if things start turning badly. But man, it’s supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend. PERFECT RUNNING WEATHER! I will wait until next week and do my exercises diligently until then. 

In other news, I feel really determined to build some muscle. I’m naturally skinny but I lack great muscle definition. I need to start hitting the gym hard in order to do that. I’ve been doing Body Pump but I think I jumped the Body Pump shark today. I went to class after PT and honestly, I just didn’t care. I didn’t feel like I was really getting the hard muscle workout I needed. It’s great for beginners but there comes a point when one realizes that the class is moving too quickly for one to really get a heavy muscle workout. Sure you can add more weight but it’s really more of a cardio class than anything and I find that if I try to maintain good form, I am out of beat with the songs etc. I think it’s time to just hang out in guy land (scary) and lift weights at a good pace. I will just take my head phones and not care.



McAfee’s Knob

It’s supposed to snow tonight and while I am hopeful for a snow day, I am also eager for Spring to arrive. I am ready to hit the trails. Soon some friends and I will take on the “Catawba Challenge” by backpacking from McAfee’s Knob to Tinker Mt. Should be pretty fun. Always wanted to do it but just never did. It will also be a great Kilimanjaro training opportunity since I will have to carry several days worth of water with me as there is no source for water along the trail.


Evangaline Lily…hot and a total badass

Unhappy with my body right now. I want to lean out a bit more before I leave for Africa. The less weight I have, the better I will feel about several things: A.) I just like looking cocaine skinny (haha, thanks Travis Heath and Matt Dennis for that term) B.) Less weight or fat means an easier time with low oxygen levels at altitude C.) less fat to haul up 19K feet. D) I don’t wanna buy new hiking pants and the ones I have are fine now but if I plan to wear several base layers underneath, I need to drop some pounds. I’m down to 120. My goal is between 111-113lbs. But truth be told, my body ideal is Evangeline Lily. Kate Austin was a girl after my own adventurous, independent heart so naturally I’d love to look like that. Lean and muscular (but not body competition muscular).


If my hair grows just another smidge longer, I could do this!

In other news, I’m having a hair crisis. What does that have to do with Kili? Well, I will tell you. When I planned this expedition, I had it in my head I wouldn’t cut my hair until I came back. Don’t ask me why because frankly, I have no clue. Maybe I have some sort of Samson-esque (Samsonite? lol) notion that my strength to get up the mountain will lie in my hair? But it’s getting ratty and wild and I think I could use a trim and a few layers. Problem is, whenever I do that, I always regret it. What to do, what to do. Also, the longer it is and the less layered it is, the easier it will be to maintain it on the mountain (pony tails, braids, and a buff). Oh who cares, right?

Finally, I am up to $255 on fundraising for Climb Kili for Kids. I hope I can generate some more dinero. I’ve thought about getting inovative and selling things around my house but alas, I already did that in order to scrap the funds together to even go to Africa in the first place. Oh well…the money for the kids will come together, I am sure of it. I’d like to raise $2,000. You can help, dear reader (notice I didn’t make it plural as I assume there can’t be that many people reading this dumb blog lol) by going to:


I don’t benefit from this. This money goes STRAIGHT to Neema House Arusha, Tanzania and OMNI in Ndola, Zambia. You use PAYPAL to make the donation. 

Well, that’s it. Praying for snow because I’d really rather sit at home tomorrow, watch the snow fall and dream of the snows of Kilimanjaro (nice little Hemingway reference, eh? Did you catch that? lol). 


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