Really great news and really sad news


The Sun!

Today was a great day! To begin, after a brutally cold Winter which included snow on Wednesday, we had a gorgeous Spring weekend. Today it’s sunny and warm. Love it! Days like these are just good for the soul, ya know?

Despite the gorgeous weather, I did find out some very sad news today. My friend Michelle sent me information that an old friend is dying of cancer and only has a few days to live. Very sad! I first met Momma Donna during my karaoke days when I was in my mid 20’s. A bunch of us worked together and would spend Tuesday nights singing at Mac and Bob’s. Good times and whenever I hear Macy Gray or Tina Turner, I will always think of Momma Donna because those were her faves to sing. Though I’ve not seen or spoken to Donna in many years, it saddens me that in a few days such a bright light in this world will be gone. I have a hard time reconciling why God takes people who bring such joy to the world but leaves the child molestors, dictators, abusers, and monsters here? That is definitely on my list of things to ask God when I have my Q&A session with him in Heaven (after I meet all my  dogs at Rainbow Bridge. I wanna do that first!). Donna, I am praying for you.

Donna’s situation made me reflect upon lives cut short. Lives like my mother’s, who died of cancer at 45. Lives like my uncle Milton who died unexpectedly and much too young. Like my cousin Billy who was killed on the railroad at age 24. Like my cousin Timmy who died in a icy pond as a teenager. Like my aunt Louise who was gunned down as she went to work and left behind three small children to forever grieve her absence. Why did all these people whom I loved dearly depart this world so soon? As I drove down the road I started to think about all the dreams that were never realized because these lives ended too soon. It made me feel very fortunate that I have the opportunity in June to fulfil a long held dream: to climb Kilimanjaro. It also gave this trek a new purpose. A purpose I never realized until now. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like this journey, this adventure, is not just about my dream but also about those which belonged to all the people who never had the time to realize theirs. So it seems, dear reader, I will carry more than just my supplies up that great mountain. I will be carrying the dreams of my loved ones to the rooftop of Africa.


Tibetan Prayer Flag

As I thought about my new responsibility, I wondered how I could do this in a demonstrative way and I’ve decided that I will carry the names of those I listed (and more as I think of them) with me on a piece of cloth. I will take the cloth with me to the summit and leave it there sort of like a Tibetan prayer flag…only, I’m not Tibetan and it’s not really a prayer. 😉

In happier news, God knew what I needed to hear and what I needed to do on this beautiful sunny day. I needed to run! And with that, Nikki texted to see if I wanted to run with her and Heather. We agreed to meet at Nikki’s house near Greenfield (one of my favorite places to run) and run an easy 2 or so miles. I was so nervous because yesterday I did an insane leg workout that left my hamstrings tight and sore. Remco, my PT, said that part of my problem has been tight hamstrings, specifically the bicep femoris. I stretched a lot before running but still felt incredibly tight. Nikki decided that she should just ride her bike since her Achilles was giving her grief. Anyway, long story short, we all took off and ran 2.51 miles and I had NO pain in my knee! Now my lungs…that’s another story. I felt incredibly out of shape but considering I’ve not done any real running since November, I did pretty well. I feel really encouraged but I think the key is to keep my glutes and hamstrings strong but flexible. Happy!


So happy to run!

In EXACTLY 90 days I will be in Arusha, Tanzania! Yah!

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2 thoughts on “Really great news and really sad news

  1. Nikki

    Made the blog! So excited!

    • imwanderingbutnotlost

      Heck yes! That means you’re somebody now! hahahaha. I didn’t even think anyone actually read this thing! LOL

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