Push up!


Six of ’em!

I’ve been amping up my strength training for Kili and life in general. For weeks I’ve been focusing on strengthening my core because it’s going to need to be strong to carry me and my pack 19K ft into the atmosphere. I’ve been doing a lot of planks and side planks. I’ve also been working on trying to do push ups. The sad fact is that I’m a weakling! I’ve been trying for a year and just can’t do push ups…until today! Two weeks ago I could barely do one on a good day. Today I did SIX easily!  Push ups ON MY TOES! As I went down for seven, I realized it wasn’t going to happen but I did make it a quarter of the way up! Yah! Six push up! I think planks definitely helped this. My goal is to do 10 by Easter! 

Tonight at Body Flow I discovered that the pain in my left knee (the pain I think is either my popliteal or bicep femoris) disapated when I stretched deeply and held it. So has this pain just been a really tight muscle/tendon the whole time? No one seems to know but if that is it, I will be so grateful because that means I just need to keep strengthening and stretching. 

In unrelated news, I’ve found myself doing a friend inventory as of late. I’m discovering that people I thought were friends aren’t…or at best just acquiantances these days. Sometimes I feel like something in my personality is offputting to people. Maybe I blog too much? LOL  This brings me down because as you approach 40, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find solid friends the way one did when ones is 20. Perhaps it’s just how life goes. Friends come and friends go, I guess. But I am thankful for the people in my life who do care and who feel I matter and are interested in my life. Very thankful. 

Finally, this morning I was greeted by the most gorgeous sunrise! It was so pink and brilliant. I actually stood in the parking lot at work for a few minutes just taking it all in. It’s in small, quiet moments like that when I feel closest to God and most appreciative of life. I’m hoping Kilimanjaro and Africa, in general, bring lots of moments like that. 

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