Long day, long run day

One thing you should know about me: I have thick skin and I have a high tolerance for caca  but talk smack about my friends and I’ll cut you fly into a rage. Well today that happened and if you couple that with tolerating other people’s hateful remarks, I had a rotten day. Actually, it’s been a yucky week. I’ve been conducting a informal “sociology project” and though I am not finished, all data seems to indicate one thing: people suck. So ya know, I’m pretty excited to jet off to Africa and trek up a mountain ALL BY MYSELF for two weeks. Nothing but me, some dudes who speak Swahili and some exotic animals. Sounds like a good time to me. 

As I mentioned, I was pretty angry this afternoon and on my way to the gym, I just seethed and simmered. That’s not healthy. So I asked for prayer and between the prayers from friends and a nice 4 mile run whilst listening to the New Order station on Pandora, I feel much more zen. 


On this chart, Kili would be right under Denali at 19,340 feet. Higher than the jet I fly in on. Yikes!

So enough about that. Let’s talk about the 4 miles. Today was my “long run” day. I need to switch it to Saturday but this is just how it worked out for now. I’m pretty stoked that I was able to run 4 miles with no pain! Granted, it was a slow run but I don’t care. I am thankful to be running. I can’t say this enough but I give all the credit to God. I prayed so much for this so slow or not, I am just so happy to be running again. I am also much more confident about  Kilimanjaro. For awhile I was worrying less about AMS/HAPE/HACE and more about my knee but luckily that’s changing and I’m fearing the knee less and the AMS/HAPE/HACE more. The thought of slowly drowning in lung fluid, coughing up blood, vomiting profusely, and feeling as if someone is sticking an ice pick through my skull has taken top billing on my fear list. Well, I say fear list but that’s not true. I don’t really fear anything about this challenge other than failure. I will gladly endure some acute AMS if it means I can summit. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to pop my Diamox and dodge that bullet though. 


Look at those guns (and I don’t mean the rifle!)

Moving right along, I’ve become more and more interested in bodybuilding. I have no desire to become one of those tranny looking women but I long for Linda Hamilton ala Terminator 2 arms. Ha! Google Jamie Eason and that’s what I want to look like. That’s hot! 


I need this or I will die. Hurry, REI! You’re my only hope (Star Wars reference)

Finally, what is going on with refunds? The IRS is sitting on my tax refund and it’s been “processing” for months. I was supposed to get it back at the end of February but it seems the IRS is understaffed and I heard that some refunds might not go out until October. Grrr. Then to add insult to injury I am waiting for REI to send out my dividend. At REI if you become a “member” you get a dividend rebate on the money you spend throughout the year. Well this past year a hefty amount was spent at REI and the rebate should be sizeable. I’m waiting on it to buy my bag liner (see photo) and some other odds and ends. The REI website says mid-March. Tomorrow is mid-March so maybe this weekend? Hopefully it, along with the tax refund, comes soon. 

That’s it for me tonight. But before I go, beware the Ides of March.




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