Well it’s official: I’ve got all my gear now. It’s kind of a sad thing, really. I quite enjoyed searching every outdoor gear website for things that I needed. In fact, I became a little obsessive about shopping Sierra Tradingpost  and REI websites for good deals. The sad part is the amount of money I’ve spent. Wow. In gear alone I’ve spent the equivalent of Tanzania’s GNP. Wowza! 

The last thing I purchased should arrive tomorrow. It’s a pair of convertible pants by Mountain Hardwear. I tried them on at REI but knew I could do better than the $80 pricetag; thus, I waited….and waited…and waited. Wanna talk about some serious predatory skills? I have them because I stalked the Yuma pants all over the internet. Finally, I saw that REI had them for $37. Score! Unfortunately for me, they were sold out. I “chatted” with one of their reps online who, after much scouring of her inventory database, told me that only one store in the U.S. still had them in my size for that price. She suggested I call them and have them ship them. So I did! It was quite an adventure that involved a poor sales rep hunting through the clearance racks until she found my size. Still, I am excited I got them at a good price. Oh yeah…Thanks to Mo at the Paramus, NJ REI for helping me. 🙂

The only thing I have left to get are just small items like baby wipes (no showers on Kili), Nuun (gotta stay hydrated at altitude), and some sort of thin, light long sleeve shirt for the safari. Being so close to the equator I will fry in two seconds and I’m really not trying to bring home melanoma as a souviner. Also, apparently color is something to which one must give great consideration. White scares away the animals and dark colors attract the mozzies and the Tsetse flies. Guess that leaves beige, eh? Just as well. I hear that after driving around all day looking at game, you’re covered in dust and filth anyway. 

Feeling much better, knee wise. I’ve been able to run regularly on it with little to no pain. The key has been stretching, I believe. Tomorrow I pick up my race packet for a 5K I am running on Saturday. I’m pretty excited! I know it’s just a lil’ 5K but it will be the first race I’ve run since my injury so mentally, it’s a big deal. Just knowing I can get back out there and race feels good. 

Spring Break begins tomorrow afternoon and I plan to use the time to do some serious training. Also, in two weeks I am going backpacking. Yah! I haven’t been in awhile so I’m anxious to test out all the new gear I got. After my last backpacking trip I bought a new pack. Can’t wait to test it! 

I have just a week or so over two months until I hit the mountain. I cannot wait! Yah! 



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One thought on “Gear

  1. Rhonda, I can relate to this post in many ways. Though I avoid malls and shopping like the plague, I thoroughly enjoyed my REI visits. I enjoyed learning about different features to look for in items, hunting sales down, etc. (items on sale do not count to the REI check at the end of the year!). I finished the big ticket item purchases ahead of time but I was still closing on the gear list close to the trek for the minor items… I also sustained a small injury in my Achilles tendons (yes, both legs!) 2.5 months before the hike so the training suffered. But I made it to Uhuru!

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