The Return of Cysta and the IT Band

So much to talk about. I have been fundraising under the name of “Climbing Kili for Kids” in an attempt to raise money for two orphan based charities in Africa. Today I am proud to say that the goal of $2,000 was reached! Yah!!!! I’m so excited about that.

Next, Cysta the Baker’s Cyst is KILLING me! It hurts so badly and the pain is odd. It’s so subtle in the location that I often think my pain is elsewhere. The pain radiates in other parts of my legs and I believe this is because Cysta is lying against a nerve (so the doc says). Nice. I wish I could get it aspirated before I go to TZ but no one wants to mess with it. *sigh*

I go back to the chiro tomorrow to check my leg strength to ensure my hips stayed aligned. I hope so! I need my legs to be in good shape for the Broad Street Run which is on Sunday. I’m doing everything humanly possible to ensure the IT band pain doesn’t surface. I have KT tape, an IT band strap, I’m drinking H2O like crazy, I’m stretching, I’m strengthening….and I even tried Chi running. I’m torn between getting in a few practice runs or just allowing my legs to rest before Sunday. I might go out on Wednesday for a 3 mile leg stretcher just to see how things go.  So scared!!!!!

The death of me is going to be Cysta and the IT Band. Sounds like a Phil Spector group. 


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2 thoughts on “The Return of Cysta and the IT Band

  1. Liz

    Hi there! I came across your blog after googling IT band problems and climbing Kilimanjaro, as I have this problem but am desperate to climb Kili. I was convinced that I would have to give up on my dream. Knowing that you did it has given me new hope. I just wanted you to know that I am so inspired and impressed reading your blog. I really hope I will be able to do the same as you have done one day. Best wishes, Liz

    • imwanderingbutnotlost

      Thanks so much for the compliment, Liz! I appreciate it. You can definitely climb Kili!

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