Broad Street Run


Love Park, Philadelphia

*Author’s Note: I wrote this a week ago and forgot to post it**

I love Philly! I lived there for nearly eight years and consider it my second home. I left only to be closer to my family in Virginia. I returned this weekend to run the Broad Street Run.  I miss my city! Originally I signed up last year but the race was a week after the Nashville Half Marathon and I just didn’t want to run two long distances back to back…and travel to do it. So I deferred my entry to this year and my friend Nik C ran (Spice girl name!) with me.

I’ve been praying and paying (co-pays) in an attempt to resolve this IT band issue so that I could triumphantly run down Broad Street but sadly, it didn’t work out as I planned. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Broad Street Run starts in Olney in North Philly which, frankly, is a pretty rough section of town. I lived there for nine months. In fact, the race starts RIGHT IN FRONT of my old apartment. I’ll never forget moving in and two weeks later hearing a guy get shot in the parking lot of my apartment. Gunshots and screams of agony and fear…ahhh, City of Brotherly Love! 😉 I digress….the course follows Broad past City Hall and down to the Navy Yard in South Philly. The weather was gorgeous but the morning was very cold. Luckily Nikki brought a thermal blanket from  the Nashville Half and and we took turns wrapped up in it as we stood over the subway grates. The extremes a runner will go just to run a race, I tell ya!  Once the sun came up and the race started we were fine.

So back to my leg….I felt great until mile 3. Then I felt my glutes getting tight. That’s when my heart started to sink.  By mile 4 I knew my IT band was in trouble. By mile 5 I had to walk. From there I did walk run intervals until I got to mile 9. At that point I just ran it in. I discovered that if I pushed out on my knee as my foot made impact, I was able to run without too much pain. I’m upset with my time. It’s a PR for WORST time; however, I am thankful I was able to finish the race. My goal is to run it again next year (the whole thing). I am also thankful for my friend who stayed with me. I feel badly that I held her back but I appreciate that she didn’t want to leave me behind. That’s a true friend!

I am tired so I will spare all the poetic details of the race but a highlight for me was running past Temple Hospital and seeing a little sick boy in a wheelchair. They rolled him out to watch. Also pretty awesome to hear 30K runners cheer for him as they ran by. I pray for good health and a long life for the lil guy.

Overall I think I just need to strengthen my glutes for now and focus on that. I also think I will just lay off running until I get back from Kilimanjaro. The last thing I need is to have my summit attempt thwarted by this evil piece of fascia that lives in my leg. Ok I am tired…that is all.

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