Everything but the kitchen sink

24 days from departure and I’m starting to fear I have too much gear. I’m having nightmares of being turned away at Londorossi Gate for having heavy bags! Eeeeek! I’m going to have to do some serious consideration about what I plan to take and what I realistically will use. Things I think I may need to really consider are:

1. Steripen- Sounds like a great idea but honestly, they boil the water. I think. 

2. Snacks – I’m a snacker. I love to snack, especially when I am miserable. But will I really need 8 Luna bars, 7 packs of Chomps and God only knows how many packs of Gu? That also doesn’t factor in the bag of Milky Ways I plan to take. Seems ridiculous. 

3. Clothes – I’m notorious for dragging copius amounts of clothing on backpacking adventures only to live in the same outfit for days. Why would Kilimanjaro be any different? 

4. Hand warmers – I have a billion. How many do I really need? I plan to duct tape some onto my water bottles for summit night but do I need more than a dozen?

I think packing is going to be stressful. I really do. 

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6 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. kilimattjaro

    Now you’re scaring me Rhonda- I haven’t even tried to test pack my bag to see if my gear all fits! 😮

    I like the tape the hand warmer to the bottle idea – I might try to rig something like that up for mt hydration pack. It has an insulated hose and mouth piece cover but the bladder isn’t insulated. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi Rhonda, We’ve not met, but I’ve been enjoying your blog. I leave for Kili in a few (17) days, and am in the final preparation stages. I’m curious to know how the duct tape and hand warmers trick worked with your h2o bottles? I was thinking of doing the same thing. Also, did you end up bringing the steripen?

    • imwanderingbutnotlost


      Hi, thanks for reading my blog! I hope it is helpful. I, unfortunately, did NOT duct tape the hand warmers. I think in the haze of no sleep and being freezing cold and nervous, I just forgot. However, I do think it’s a good idea. Our water completely froze around 3AM so for the next 5 hours we had NO water. I did NOT bring a steripen. Frankly, you don’t need it. Your porters will be filtering the water themselves so there is no need. It’s just one more thing to keep up with. I took too much as it was. Please stay in touch and let me know how your climb goes. I love talking to fellow Kili trekkers!

      • Hi There,
        rather than start a whole convo on a blog, do you mind using FB or email? I have so many questions, and don’t want to pollute your great blog with them all. On FB just search by my name and I’m the guy wearing a backpack and a red jacket. or email me and I’ll look you up. Looking forward to connecting to a seasoned kili climber


      • imwanderingbutnotlost

        Yes email me at Rhonda.swanson@yahoo.com

      • imwanderingbutnotlost

        Jon…yes, please email me at Rhonda.swanson@yahoo.com

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